Saturday, July 23, 2011

Busy Bodies and Freebranch

Our sweet littlest man is growing soooo fast, I just can’t believe the new things he does every single day! Such a sweetie and such a cutie, such a laid back baby!

One of our July achievements – munchin can now eat with the ‘big boys’!!! He is eating baby food once or twice a day…


We invested in not just one, but two new chairs for him!!! One for home, to fit on our high top table so that he can now sit with us. And another for restaurants – this germaphobic mother will not let him get near the high chairs in public!! Even if they are wiped down =(   We love these chairs so much that I have to do a blog post on them, hehe.

Our home chair!!!


And it turns ALL the way around. So no matter where I am sitting, I can turn him so that feeding will be easier! This chair is super awesome =)  The tray comes off and can be thrown in the dishwasher, too!

IMAG0052   IMAG0029

Our restaurant chair….

IMG_1512   IMAG0010

How cute is this! It fits on almost any chair with a back and folds up to this size….


Awwww…my baby is becoming such a little man.

FREEBRANCH has a few new items – I am still doing earrings, although, they are now on the back burner.  I have started a new hobby that I am adding to Etsy and the Freebranch site for baby leggings, called ‘Free-legs’. I started making these a while back and will have pictures up SOON!

But I am also making the ‘Freebranch-Sensory-Lovey’ which is a lovey blanket with many different sensory ‘exercises’ (if you will) on it. It is great for sight development with great contrast between black and white – but also includes primary colors that is also great for sight development. The blanket itself along with all the tabs have different textures and it is so much fun for the babies to fiddle with, play with, and suck on them – great for touch!! Jobe LOVES his sensory lovey (pictured below). I will have them posted soon!!!! Woohooo – I love crafts =)…