Monday, October 3, 2011

This Mama’s easy recipe of the week…

What to make for dinner?? I find myself asking this question every single day, and when the time comes, my mind is BLANK!! I cannot, for the life of me, get creative and make up fun little recipes my family will love. I just don’t have the time to research, try new things, make new shopping lists…or even shop multiple times a week. So I did some ‘talking’ over facebook and some friends sent me some great, easy recipes I will be trying out very soon. But in the meantime, I found this amazing site (thank you Sara!) called e-mealz – These people make a 7 day menu for your family, make a shopping list for you, and get this…..the menu is based on what is on sale that week at YOUR grocery store. So if you have the coupons clipped, just match it all up – the dirty work has been done for you!! All of this for $1.50 a week, which I think is MORE than worth it. My family gets to try out new recipes and I never get in the ‘stump’ of what-to-make-for-dinner0. I don’t have to make the shopping list, and I don’t have to spend time making a schedule. We don’t use all 7 meals, maybe 4 or 5 since my boys don’t eat too much, we always have a lot of leftovers to eat on other nights. So if something is on the menu that my boys won’t like, I just mark it off. Easy as that =) LOVE IT!! And I sometimes change things up a bit – if it calls for corn, I substitute cantaloupe since my boys enjoy that more. I change things around to cater to my family’s likes and dislikes. Try it out you busy mamas!!! You will love it!

My favorite so far…

Cheesy Mini Meatloaves!!!!! They were SOOO GOOD! And super easy. They are great for little hands to hold on to, and my boys loved them because they were able to peal them like muffins.


Just make your regular meatloaf recipe (I used gluten-free bread crumbs because of my diet), roll it into balls that fit in the muffin cups, top with any yummy cheese you like, and cook. Bake 45 minutes at 350, or until you feel they are done.

I served mine with homemade potato salad, and Texas Ranchero baked beans. It was to die for, with a lot of left overs. For 3 days straight, this was my lunch.