Monday, April 9, 2012

Season of Life…

The Season of Life and new beginnings has come, yet again, and it has been oh so sweet. We planted my new garden on saturday, woohoo – tomatoes, eggplant, cantaloupe, cucumber, basil and rosemary – so exciting and I am praying that I can do it right this time with NO DEER! Tie Dying eggs found their way in our weekend schedule somehow – super fun!


And then on Sunday, when everyone else was dressing up for church – dragging themselves to the sunrise services, etc…we woke up at 9 am (YES, I said NINE AM) which is unheard of for the Freeman family. We had our own Sunrise service picnic outside, a little ‘teaching’ about Easter, discussion, and then a bunch of bubble playing. It was so peaceful and such a wonderful Easter. Jobe thought it was the most amazing thing that he was allowed to have a sucker before breakfast – woohoo!


A lazy mornin’ – followed by a fun afternoon with cousins.

IMAG2214 - Copy  IMAG2223 - Copy  IMAG2229  IMAG2235  IMAG2236  IMAG2241IMAG2200-1-1  IMAG2208  IMAG2209

We are enjoying the new flowers, the new leaves, colors, grass, and bugs. Spring is here and what a wonderful season it has been. I love my boys =)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Has it REALLY been 7 years?!

Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 131

From THIS:

5.5 Months 031b


  Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 076

I can’t believe it has been 7 years!! My sweet boy who used to love bubble blowing, making funny faces, eating fuzz, and so much more…Is now a super smart, science fanatic, who loves new challenges and to make mommy and daddy happy, who loves to read, to snuggle for hours, to play ‘spys’ and board games, etc…. He has grown up so fast and I am trying to savor all I can of these lovely years that slip away in an instant. I want to freeze time because I know that I only have a few years left of his sweet innocence.

We celebrated his 7th birthday this past weekend with an oh so awesome ‘spy party’. Such a great time! It started with amazing invites made by his ‘techno’ Daddy -


Next came the spy camp preparation:

IMAG2162 Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 001

Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 002

Then came the super-secret spy recruits…shhhhh…super secret!

2012-03-31 001 0012012-03-31 001 002Spy pics 001Spy pics 002Spy pics 003Spy pics 004Spy pics 005Spy pics 007Spy pics 008Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 007 - CopyEli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 018Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 058IMG_5994

Everybody got a cute ‘satchel’ where they each received some glasses, a mustache, pen and paper, their weapon (water gun), and a magnifying glass:


And who can forget the secret badges and training that took place:


The 5 levels of training:

1: Lazer tag


Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 070Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 054Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 053


Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 031Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 027

2: Bomb destroying…

Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 091

3: Obstacle Course

4: Target shooting (with water guns)

5: Making a secret potion (making homemade icecream in a sandwich bag)

ALL of our trainees passed their tests and they all made it to be Level 5 Spies by the end of the day. What FUN!!! Elijah celebrated even more by having his best friend spend the night for the VERY first time!!!

Elijah and Samuel the morning of April 1st – they did GREAT!!!

Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 128

IMG_6296IMG_6298IMG_6300Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 136Eli's Birthday 7 years 2012-03-31 115

Thank you Courtney for spending the night – helping prepare, enjoy, and clean up!! You were a Godsend, We love you!!

Eli's birthday 7 years 2012-03-30 003 Eli's birthday 7 years 2012-03-30 002