Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome Autumn!!

Paul was FINALLY home for a weekend so we took full advantage, packed the munchkins up, drove into the windy hills of the North Georgia Mountains and enjoyed the slightly (sortof) crisp fall air and did some apple pickin’ in Ellijay for the day.




IMAG3559-1  IMG_6514 



We enjoyed a hayride with amazing views…

 IMG_6392  IMG_6412


A Petting Zoo where Eli saw this little goat and said “Mommy, look, it’s a goat dressed up in a cow costume!!”


The little goats were obsessed with eating Jobe’s clothes, not sure why Jobe’s clothes were so scrumptious. There was no nibbling on Eli’s and Noah’s clothes, just Jobe’s and Jobe became so frustrated. Below is the sweet little brown goat just nibbling away and then Jobe saying “NOOO DOGGY, NO!”

IMG_6501 IMG_6489 

IMG_6493  IMG_6492

T’was super funny =)



The big boys each got an apple to bring home from the bakery and Jobe just couldn’t get enough – so all night he begged and begged for bite after bite!

IMG_6533 IMG_6542 

Great weekend!!! WELCOME FALL! WE LOVE YOU!

IMG_6579  IMG_6583