Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finally! What has happened?!

*Beware* some of the pics had horrible lighting so the phone pics were terrible (not happy, sorry kids)


Where in the world have we been?? This year has been a whirlwind and we don’t have much to really show for that whirlwind other than 3 healthy boys that have grown 2 inches, EACH, in 6 months. I guess that is what has been taking our time Winking smile

I guess we will start off our blog year in July, not a better time to start! Kickin’ it off with BANG! (No pun intended)

July 4th baby girl, Stella!!! Jobe and I got to finally ‘escape’ to Nashville to celebrate my niece's 5th birthday, along with Mimi (Mama Jordan) – fun times!! New cottage house is super cute and cozy – can’t wait until next time!

image-02  IMG_0973  998509_10152925676495231_105696772_n



THEN – The Young Jordan’s followed us to Atlanta for the 4th of July week and Stella Bella enjoyed all the testosterone….we think…hmmmm….



THEN!!!! the Annual Freeman Cookout and Fireworks full of friends, family, police officers…ahem…we won’t go there!

IMAG2472  IMAG2474  2013-07-07_20-16-32_786


Smore makin’….

2013-07-07_20-15-12_158  2013-07-07_20-16-04_592  2013-07-07_20-22-56_977


Poor Nick….outnumbers by kids….

IMAG2482  2013-07-07_20-35-37_889 



Sparkler FUN!!



And Finally… FIREWORKS!

IMAG2501  IMAG2487IMAG2493  IMAG2496

All of this led to midnight bed times, bug bites, some neighbors that hate us but others that now love us Winking smile and many memories that I hope will stay with these youngsters for years to come!!! Happy Independence Day from the FREEMANS!