Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caglewood Welcomes Elijah Freeman

Yes that's right, Elijah is our youngest and newest counselor!! This weekend, Caglewood visited Camp Glisson. The amazing place where Paul and I met, got engaged, got married, and baptized Elijah 3 years ago. So I realized a month ago that Elijah was finally old enough to be introduced to our camp and found that Glisson would the most perfect opportunity. So we packed up our car yesterday morning, kissed Noah goodbye (who stayed with his Minna, so we weren't missed ;), and headed up to the BEAUTIFUL mountains that I miss oooohhhh so much, and were greeted with open arms. Elijah was a little hesitant at first because Mary Beth bombarded him as he was getting out of the car and welcomed him with one of her silly, loud snorts. But it didn't take him long to realize that these people were AWESOME, and it definitely helped that Michael asked him if he knew anything about Star Wars. Yes, Elijah has a new best friend - they ran and ran and ran, pretending to be Clones throughout the field where they were befriended by another little boy named Wyatt. He absolutely LOVED it and I could see that his spirit was at absolute peace. Our campers are 'life lifters' - they definitely teach us how valuable life is, how the little things can be the most amazing things, how 3 steps up a ladder can be just as important as 30, how many things in our daily lives can seem so petty, and how every day is an absolute gift. I saw a special light in my baby's eyes, he never stopped smiling. And may I say that we never stopped smiling because of him. Our day consisted of playing with friends, soap making, climbing the alpine tower, going on a 'swing' which is a cable that attaches you 40 feet above the ground and releases you so that you swing back and forth, naps, camp fire making, hot dog roasting, smore making, and wonderful hugs. I can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful Saturday in the North Georgia Mountains.
Here he is gearing up to climb the alpine tower:

Here is the Caglewood Clan making soap - so much fun, and sooo messy!!

Elijah and his new best friend Michael:

Elijah making it to the first 'rest stop' - daddy camping out as the 'helper'

Elijah and Mary Beth, who was also his buddy:

Our Glisson 2009 Clan:

We had such a wonderful trip!! We are so thankful for our amazing counselors - we were very blessed to have a 1:1 ratio most of the time. Our next trip is to Cumberland Island, which Elijah and I will not attend =( ...maybe in a few years. If you would like to see MORE pictures of the weekend go to our family site

And remember to "Love One Another"

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