Saturday, November 7, 2009

TV in my Family

I am definitely not one of those moms that say "Oh tv is just horrible, my kids are never allowed to watch a second". Being a mother of 2 young, very rambunctious boys, having a husband that works very long hours, trying to run a camp, and what ever else comes along with life, I LOVE my TV. I sometimes use it as an escape for myself and timeout to just recoup, I use it as a friend (something to keep me company and to keep me updated on the world), but I also use it to get chores done in peace. Meaning, I start a warm fire, set my kids on the couch, and let them watch a show or 2.  Most of the time the alternative would be a trip to the ER because they are so rambunctious with each other and if I can't watch them and referee almost every second, someone will end up breaking a bone of some sort =) And I would rather them watch TV when I need to get something done than them do something else, like...I don't know....say....get into the vitamins and down a few too many. Many of you know what I am talking about, hehe.
Anyway, a lot of the younger shows are very educational these days. Eli will sing a song or two every now and then that he learns on TV - sometimes they are about sharing, some about manners, just good lessons that are easy to remember in song.
But nothing will beat my little Noah the other day. He is just too cute, still learning how to say many things - working on his tongue movement, and learning how to put sentences together. I will never forget him asking for a water, and when I brought it to him he said "Syeh-Syeh Mommy" with a little grin on his face, not even thinking twice about it. That means 'thank you' in Chinese. Thanks to Ni Hao Kai-Lan on Nick Jr., he is picking up bits and pieces!

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  1. I love you blog post and all of your valid points about TV.. I completely agree. We could all strive to be the most perfect mom's the in the world, but every child is different as well as every parent. What suits some does not suit others and vice versa. I love love love peaceful moments these days in my house with no tv, but Sophia is on the go all the time that I don't see the wrong in her having a little down time and let her mind wonder into another world. She has had a tv in her room since she was one and more than half the time, it isn't on... Everything in Moderation :)