Friday, December 4, 2009



This has been my family for the past week and possibly for the next 2 weeks =) 6 children! With three of them being 4 and under. How cute are they?? We have had a great time and I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t already know about my nieces and definitely my little nephew, Charlie.  What a joy that little bundle is! This picture was taken this week when I took ‘the clan’ to a tree farm close by to pick out their Christmas tree. A fun day, cold and wet, but fun. We took the tree home to their house, decorated it, played Christmas movies, made hot chocolate, and I tried to give them the best experience they could have without their Mommy or Daddy.

Their parents, my sister and her hubby, are on another adoption journey. I will share more details about that later. For now, I will just post pictures of the cute little bundle that has already blessed us with his presence.

photo (3)   photo (4)

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