Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crafty Tot Tuesday

OK – so every Tuesday from now on I am going to try a new craft with my baby boy and I am going to blog about it! Yippeee! I would like this craft to be something we have never tried before, something creative, and something that requires us to use things from around the house. I very rarely get good alone time with my youngest baby so I want to take advantage of this time while I can. So every Tuesday will be called Crafty Tot Tuesday here on the Freeman blog.

Today we did paint stamping. Started off by finding an old sponge (not used) from the garage. We then found objects from around the house with different textures and shapes. Then we added paint to the top of the sponge until it soaked in just a bit, dabbed our shape of choice, then stamped it onto the white paper. Noah had so much fun with this, he was so giddy about the fact that he was getting to paint on the floor (on the paper). But this boy does not like to get his hands dirty so we were washing within 10 minutes of our project. Fun day!


IMG_9097 IMG_9098 

See you again next Tuesday!!

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