Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crafty Tot Tuesday

Today, Noah made a cute little fishbowl. This is actually the craft that I sent on the camping trip this weekend for the campers. Not sure how they turned out, I haven’t seen pictures yet. But we decided to try it ourselves at home. Cute and easy!

What you will need:

1- Blue paper cut into a fishbowl shape

2- any color paper for the handprint

3- Bag of beans

4- white beads

5- Glue and sissors


Step 1: Have your baby put the beans on the bottom of the bowl to resemble rocks.


Step 2: Trace and cut out your child’s hand. This will be the fish. Make sure the ‘wrist part’ is rounded.

Step 3: Glue little fishy onto the paper and then have your little one glue the white beads onto the paper above the fishy. These are the cute little air bubbles. I also cut out a little triangle as a fin for the fishy.


And there you go! Your own little aquarium. Of course, you can dress it up however you like….maybe a little star fish, or little fish friends, or blue glitter, etc…endless ideas!!


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