Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crafty Tot Tuesday….Wednesday…HA!

This week we have made some very ‘tot friendly’ wind chimes =) This week’s project was constructed with my not-so-toddler tot, Elijah. This is a GREAT project for hand-eye coordination, perfect for toddlers and children both. Noah started the project with us but he would find animal beads and line them up and then have them all talk to each other, play, tackle each other, and so on and so forth…needless to say, he lost interest very quickly because it was bedtime. 

I found things that I had in my craft closet, but anyone can get creative with this -

1- Beads:  Any beads will do. I actually think it would be fun (with older kids) to find some neat metal beads. They would sound cute when all is done.

2- Sticks:  Sticks from outside, or a plastic top (like a top to a butter container, poke holes in it and string your strings through), or you can use chop sticks like it did because I had some just laying around. =)

3- String:  Any string will do, but make sure it is small enough to bead with. I used hemp because, of course I just love hemp, but also it is thin and strong and does very well with smaller fingers.

First step is to let the little hands string the beads:


Try to do it with uncrossed eyes though….makes the stringing easier…



Second step: tie the sticks together right smack in the middle

Third step: Tie the beaded strings onto your sticks in different areas. Make sure you tie them based on length and weight so that you don’t have a sideways wind chime in the end =)

IMG_9241 IMG_9247  

Yay!! We had so much fun!!

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