Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ahhhh….now breathe!!!

Yay!! Our crazy few weeks are finally over and the Freeman family can breathe again!!!  If you try to call this weekend and can’t get us, too bad…we will probably be IN BED all weekend!!
Last Saturday – Elijah’s best friend, Samuel, came over to have a little birthday celebration with us, and THEN came back over to play on Sunday. Two 5 year old boys = two tired parents!!
Monday  Elijah graduated to YELLOW in karate!!! Woohooo!!
Tuesday  I finally had my interview with CBS news in Atlanta. It’s OVER!!! It was only radio and pre-recorded, so it has not aired and it can be edited. COME TO FIND OUT as soon as I was finished with the interview, the lady asked me to come onto their LIVE Morning Show – Better Mornings Atlanta on CBS. Of course I said ‘yes’ but now I am a nervous wreck all over again.
Last Night – (Wednesday) a Caglewood camper of ours, Jennifer, spent the night with us. She had an absolute blast and to top it all off, it was her birthday. So we had a special birthday dinner and cupcakes for her. The boys adored her and she was an amazing babysitter. I was able to finish 4 loads of laundry because she just played, was bossy, played, was bossy – Jennifer is VERY bossy, and the boys just did what she said, played, obeyed, and then they played some more. Too funny!! I loved it!! And she loved them.
Birthday Dinner and Cupcakes with Super Jennifer:
Super Duper Playing:
IMG_0282IMG_0286 - Copy
Today 2010 Golf Tournament was perfect!! Gorgeous weather, lovely golfers, things went kind of smoothly, and the boys had an absolute blast. Elijah got to hang out with his “Beauty Fairies” as he called them (pictured below) and he got to work with his Grandaddy at what he called the “Peanut Gallery” which was the 8th hole where they made and sold boiled peanuts.
Boys Playing Golf:
The '”Beauty Fairies”:
photo (60)
Blaire, my Best Friend from childhood whom I have not seen since 2008!!! She has been in Korea teaching English and she is finally back for a bit. She was Noah’s “Best Friend” he absolutely adored her, so much so he invited her to go potty with he and I in the same stall. He wanted to share…awwww, how sweet =) She nicely declined.
We played so much and just sat under a beautiful Oak tree catching up most of the day. I love this girl =)

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