Friday, June 18, 2010

Off he goes….

And he is off!! On his first excursion without Mommy or Daddy for a longer period of time than just overnight.

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Every time a grandchild has and will be entering kindergarten, Paul’s mother (Minna) takes the grandchild to Chattanooga for a weekend. This weekend is Elijah’s weekend!!! They will be staying at the Chattanoogan Hotel (with an indoor pool that Eli is ecstatic about), visiting the Aquarium, children’s museum,  a river boat, Rock City, and so much more.

There they go, Friday afternoon….


And he will not be back until Monday!!

He has been talking about it constantly for a week, and hasn’t slept well for 3 nights now. I thought I was going to miss him horribly, but since I have been so busy lately and since this weekend is pretty packed, I am so happy for him and happy he is finally getting some alone time on an excursion. Go Chattanooga!!!!

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