Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Goop Monster


No, not slime, goop. The boys were being such boys yesterday – to the point to where I wanted a video camera so that I could document boy behavior for those of you that parent only girls…just so you could see what you were missing =) I mean running full force throughout the house, wrestling each other to the point of mommy being afraid of a broken neck, jumping off of chairs onto massive piles of laundry, squealing out of pure delight that the other brother was about to catch up and body slam…yes, a full hour of this….and then crash, they were out cold for naps!

But in the midst of all of this, my little Noah with his sweet soft baby hair, decided to see what goop felt like on his head. This is like slime, but much harder – kindof like candle wax, and impossible to get off of things, get out of fabric, and get out of hair!!!

So baby hair was SADLY cut off and saved in a little baggy:

goup2 goup    

Awww, he is growing up…

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