Thursday, September 9, 2010

Apples and Legos

What a monumental week it has been in the Freeman Household!! I have officially become the mommy of a true ‘school boy’ and I am loving every minute of it, and so is he. He is so ready to learn about the world around him and I am so excited to see what is in store for my science boy. 


After 5 years of playing, napping, snuggling, adventures, tantrums, loving, fun and amazing days together…my big boy has started kindergarten!! He adores his teacher, his school, and most of all, having his best buddy, Samuel in his class. Elijah’s class consists of 10 students – NINE of which are BOYS!!! Fun times ahead…

After such a successful day on Tuesday, Mommy had super yummy cupcakes waiting in the car to celebrate with:  (yes, he is a little tired)



So, on another note…..

Tomorrow is Paul’s birthday. Noah and I went out yesterday morning to find Paul a Lego set that he has been wanting for some time. As the day went on I made sure to remind my little man that this was a secret, we don’t tell daddy, we have to wrap it in paper so that Daddy can open it in a few days…again and again and again, We Don’t Tell Daddy!!!!!!

Well, Paul walked from work and Noah screamed “DADDY, WE GOT YOU A PRESENT!!!!!” I was able to catch him in time and say “nooooooo, it is a surprise, daddy will see it on Friday”

Goodness, he was just beside himself – sooo excited. So 30 minutes later he walked over to our room (which is where the legos were hidden) and said “mommy, let’s get daddy’s legos now!!!”  Right in front of Paul. I decided that it was time to give up….Paul got his birthday present 2 days early. I figured it would be too hard for little man to keep a secret for 2 days…whew!


A good 2 hours of building and FUN before bed!! The boys loved it. So much so that Elijah came downstairs at 2 am, woke me up, and wanted to play with the legos. Ummmmmm, no sir!

IMG_1356 IMG_1357

I have learned my lesson with my little one and this should be a lesson for all of you – Do not tell him any secrets =)  He just can’t hold in his excitement. He will not be my Christmas Shopping Buddy that is for sure!!

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