Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumn Bliss…

Or so we hoped =(

Fall…my favorite part of the year: Mother nature is working her magic and is absolutely stunning, crisp cool mornings and days that allow you to be outside all day long without sweating one bit, and the kickoff to the season of gratefulness and family snuggling in front of warm fires next to big, yummy smelling trees.

I enjoy this season more and more every year, especially now that I have my own little family. But this year is even more special because I know that I am kicking this wonderful season off with such beautiful boys who are at the perfect age to just ‘take it all in’ and enjoy every moment – it will all be wonderful, exciting, and snuggly - and then at the very end of these blissful 3 months we will be welcoming a new member into our sweet, crazy clan that I call my ‘perfect family’.  What a perfect ending to a perfect season!!


So – last weekend I was ready – READY to kick off the most wonderful season of the year!! We packed up – only drove 10 minutes to a new corn maze I found literally right down the road….and had a BLAST.


Yes, Elijah is dressed up as a ninja…


They had a ‘corn box’ – instead of a sand box – too cool!!


Face Painting and balloon animal making…

IMG_1498 IMG_1497

And a super fun hay ride that was super long!!


Too bad my ‘kick off’ party didn’t bring in the crisp weather – this week has been in the 90’s  BOOOOO!!!! But, the boys want to go back now that they have pumpkins to tromp through – so we will try again soon =)

Go FALL!!!

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