Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Week…Cabin FEVER!!!!

Out of school and stuck in our house (literally) for FIVE straight days – Do we live in Georgia?!? This has been crazy, but loads of fun – except for the fact that this happened…

photo 5

Yes, Mama was not a happy camper. After 3 weeks of viruses, we were exhausted, but finally well for baby to be born. And then a few days after Jobe came home, Noah came down with RSV and was put on breathing treatments. Now, we all have it (except baby) So Jobe has been closed in my bedroom for 8 days now. Poor Paul and the boys haven’t seen or held him for EIGHT DAYS! I feel so sorry for Paul, he is aching inside because he misses his baby so much. But only Mommy is allowed in the room, with clean clothes, clean hands, and a mask. Not a fun week to say the least – but hopefully we will be back to a bit normalcy ASAP! My emotional state has seen better days and I long for the day where all FIVE (yay!) of us can be in the same room and be a family again =)



So what do we do stuck for 5 straight days?!??

Snuggle with sleepy babies that smell like fresh powder =)

photo 1

Explore the snow that eventually turned into a huge sheet of ice – which, by the way, made watching Boda explore absolutely hilarious!:


IMG_2292 IMG_2299


Make Super Fat Snowmen…


The boys made their own homemade sleds:

IMG_2295  photo 4 

Snuggle more with sweet smelling babies:

photo 2  photo 3 

Ohhhhhh – super yummy homemade Chicken Noodle soup from our LOVELY neighbors!!!

photo 6

Scooter Ridin’ – Noah is going so super fast… that is why he is blurry:

photo 8 photo 7 

And did I mention Sweet Baby Snuggling…??

photo 9

Nothing can beat the warm fires, Legos, Daddy wrestling, kinect playing, tough brother love, homemade cookin', and much more!! But we are ready to get out!!! We are ready to be well – ok, new week…bring it on! We are ready for a fresh start!


  1. You are super Mom! Hope everyone gets well soon!

  2. You are definitely a SUPER mom! I love these pictures. The one of Noah with the mask on makes me sad and want to squeeze him! Love the pics of the boys in the snow with the fat snowman. ha! I hope everyone is healing and you are all together again. love you all.