Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is not a dream…

I started my day today to the sweet words “Mommy, I sure do hope this is not a dream” spoken by my oldest boy, Elijah. He was talking about his new baby brother, Jobe and how much he loves him already. Yes, sweet words that just melted my heart and sent me to a dreamy place where I just knew that all was right with the world.

bro 2 

My poor boys have been so confused and ask me everyday if I am going to have to leave them again. I have to reassure them that I am not going anywhere but Noah is still a little unsure and has been very clingy and worried. Hopefully time will heal, but meanwhile, I am loving the extra snuggle time.


Noah’s Love

My Grandpa Jordan came to visit and what a sweet little staring contest Jobe participated in…


Life is good….hectic…but lovely =)

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