Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Dental Journey


When Paul was little, at the age of four to be exact, he went to the dentist for his check-up only to find out that he had a number of cavities. His teeth are very prone to cavities…and guess what, Noah has his genes!! We went for his check-up a month ago and lo’ and behold, all of his molars had cavities! Ugghhhhh! It has been a long journey – he has had to get them filled one section at a time. So after a round of antibiotics, 4 fridays in a row of shots and drilling, and one silver tooth later – we are ALMOST finished! Next week is our last week of fillings and thank goodness, these are ALL baby teeth. But since he has been such a trooper and he didn’t even cry or budge with his shot and silver tooth today…he FINALLY got to get a sweet prize to reward his braveness. And what has he been asking for you say???????

Rapunzel of course!


I tell you what – for a very BOYISH, testosterone driven boy…he has the sweetest, most loving side to him. He loves to take care of things, loves to love fully, and loves the ladies in his life. He tells me every day that I am beautiful. I heard him tell Rapunzel tonight “don’t worry, I will take care of you” – heart melting.

As we were in target after his  appointment and every single person we passed he would say “Hey guys…I have a GOLD tooth!!!!” His daddy has a gold tooth so he is getting a bit confused but he thinks it is the coolest thing EVER! Do you see the left side of his face drooping and swollen in the pic above? Poor thing is a trooper…

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