Monday, October 15, 2012

Beach, Beach, and more Beach….

**Warning: A LOT of pictures (we were camera happy)!**

Beach 2012-10-11 019

YAY! Finally, the Freemans visited the beach. Eli’s first time since he was 2, Noah’s and Jobe’s first beach vacation….and it was MUCH needed. The boys had an absolute blast in God’s big sandbox!! We headed down to Alligator point in the Florida Gulf which was in a very remote area surrounded by State Park land, nice and quiet! 

Beach 2012-10-07 025

Jobe’s first time seeing the water – he was a bit overwhelmed.

Beach 2012-10-07 098

The tides were wonderful for little ones: super shallow water and a lot of critters to find!

Beach 2012-10-11 014 Beach 2012-10-11 010

The big boys even made a crab house for all of the critters we found:

Beach 2012-10-11 004Beach 2012-10-11 016

We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves! Perfect for little boys with tons of open space!

Beach 2012-10-09 113 Beach 2012-10-07 207

Beach 2012-10-07 216

Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets…

Beach 2012-10-07 158 Beach 2012-10-07 148

Beach 2012-10-07 145

We were able to visit 2 state parks, see some manatees with Mimi, take a wildlife/gator boat ride, and visit an old fashioned aquarium where the boys were able to touch a lot of sea life AND see a massive turtle be fed crabs!!! Eli said “That was AWESOME!”

Beach 2012-10-09 010 Beach 2012-10-09 012 IMAG3705Beach 2012-10-07 164 Beach 2012-10-09 018 IMAG3689

Beach 2012-10-07 165 Beach 2012-10-07 177 Beach 2012-10-07 195Beach 2012-10-07 202 IMAG3736 IMAG3742

Checkers in the State Park Lodge:


The boys even saved an endangered horse shoe crab!


Mimi and Papa came to visit for a few days -

Beach 2012-10-11 003 IMAG3728

Lots of fun in the sun! A lot of butterflies – they stop at Alligator point every October on the migration journey.

Beach 2012-10-09 041 IMAG3701 IMAG3695 Beach 2012-10-09 053

Beach 2012-10-07 117 Beach 2012-10-07 129

Beach 2012-10-07 222 Beach 2012-10-07 233

Beach 2012-10-07 238 IMAG3734

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