Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here We Go....

The start of 'Free Branch Jewelry' !!!! Yes, I am trying to get this started. I NEED to get my creative juices flowing again!! I used to draw all the time, paint, and sew skirts and dresses (which I have been making our window curtains, so that does count for something). But since my little kiddos came along and since our camp has taken up what free time I do have, I have put my art to the side...way over to the side =(. I have been feeling a little lost lately and realized that I truly lost a part of myself when I decided to take a break from my artwork, so I am going to start it up again!! This time, trying my hand at jewelry. I have wanted to try jewelry for 7 years now, since my wedding. I made my own tiara for my wedding because I searched and searched in stores for the 'right fit' for me, but just couldn't find something that I loved. So I gathered up things that I loved (wire, beads, crystals, etc...) and went to town. I wish I had a picture, but I still haven't located my tiara since the move...stuck somewhere in boxes. That sparked a new 'art' for me, but I have just now found the time and drive to really get started!! 'Free' coming from Freeman, and 'Branch' coming from the lovely town I live in, Flowery Branch. Hopefully I will start an etsy shop soon, just need to get more pieces under my belt =) Just played around today with some first pieces - but think they came out pretty well!! What do you think?

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  1. J-
    I LOVE them!! And the pics came out beautifully. Absolutely do Etsy. It's so easy and since the jewelry is beautiful and the photos are amazing, they will sell immediately, I'm sure.
    Love you!