Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our Sweet Town

The longer I live here, the more I just adore Flowery Branch. The people here are so nice and of course country (which I LOVE), there is enough wide open space to keep me sane, we are close to the mountains, and as my mom and I found out a few weeks ago - the Historic Downtown is just as cute as can be. And will be even cuter once the econemy turns around.
Today they had an old car show and chili cookoff. It was a little wet, but so much fun none the less. The little boys had so much fun, and daddy loved seeing all the old classics. Of course he had to wear his Trans Am shirt to complete the wardrobe.
See below, Eli walking downtown this morning.
Here is Eli on the famous red caboose in downtown. People are allowed to go inside for a little tour. The boys had a blast.

And of course me and the boys in front of my dream car. If we have any more kids, this is
what we will have to invest in =)

Daddy and Noah admiring the 'goods'

Eli getting his first ever shaved ice:

Noah posing with his little car shirt (all decked out)

Eli meeting 'Herbie'. Herbie talked to him by honking every once in a while - Eli thought he was amazing =)
The Freeman Family had much needed 'Family Time' today and got to know our town just a little bit more. I love the South and hope the boys grow to appreciate it as much as I have!!

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