Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stop to Smell the Roses

I find myself every single day stopping for a moment and looking at my wonderful babies and thinking "When did I become so blessed?" and then I think to myself, "they are growing up so fast, I am going to miss these days oh so much!!" It makes me think about how I spend my time, what I put first in my life, why do the dishes NEED to be clean when I have two sweet little boys to snuggle with....the answer is, they don't!!! I walked by the sofa last night while the two of them were watching 'Finding Nemo' before bed. They were so cute, each one sitting at an opposite end of the sofa from the other one - I was actually on my way to clean up from baths and dinner when it hit me....WHY clean up???? This is the perfect moment to just stop, and smell the roses! So I sat right in between my babies, each boy looked up at me with an innocent smile, then they both scooted right up to my side and snuggled with their proud mommy. Now, is this going to happen in 10 years??? I dread it =( So I need to take it all in now. They grow up too fast, who knows what tomorrow will bring, and what will they remember about me when they get older?
My house is a mess, we have no groceries, and laundry is piling high - Guess what I am doing tomorrow?? I am taking Noah to feed the geese at the community across the street while we enjoy a nice hike together... Can't wait!

Below is a picture of my sweet baby sleeping today. I just had to duck in end enjoy his sweetness...and his 'Mike Wazouski' socks =)

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