Wednesday, September 30, 2009

World around Us

Noah and I took a little field trip today. And on our excursion, I found this sign - what a great sign about life!!! I LOVED it, so I took a picture with my new phone (thanks sweetie!! =) Maybe if we did this every day, our eyes would be opened just a little bit more:
Look - take a moment every day to just look around you. Notice the beauty of this world, take in the peace, take a breath and just take it all in.
Listen - listen to others! Maybe someone that is different from you, respect their opinions, maybe you could learn something new and have a new outlook, one that you have never considered before. Maybe our friends...sometimes we just need to listen, and not say anything. Or maybe your children, I notice myself sometimes just going and going and going, getting ready, going out the door, stick to the schedule! All the while my kids are just trying to talk to me - I need to just stop, listen, and take in everything they have to say.
Touch - such a teaching tool =) and a tool of life. Noah was running around today touching trees, just learning about the different textures, so cute! But also the feeling of someone touching you, whether it is a loving touch, a helpful touch, or just a handshake. We all need more hugs in our lives =) They are therapeutic!
Think - I find that I think too much sometimes, hehe -my hubby would agree that I think 'out loud' too much!! But I think that is good. This day in age with the political war, very opinionated people, etc...I think it is important to just THINK about what you are believing in, what you say, and how you say it. I have also learned over the years (too bad it took me 30 years) to really think before I say something. I am still guilty of saying things before really thinking about how it will effect someone else, but I have to say that I am sooooo much better about it than I was 10 years ago. We don't live forever! Think about how lucky we are, think about how we want to live our lives, think about the footprints we want to leave, and think of others!!

Here is Noah in front of his favorite tree that he found today. The reason it was his favorite was because it had Rollie pollies all over it!! Isn't it just beautiful?! So huge...

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