Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally, I did it!!!!

Sushi!!! I finally made it and now have a new 'love' =) I have been wanting to make sushi for years now - never really knew how and never wanted to take the time to get on the internet and learn. I was afraid that it would be just too difficult or time consuming and just not worth it. Then Elijah became a sushi lover, too. So we finally looked it up, found the ingredients, and Vwala! So easy, so good, and so fun. Although, do you know how hard it is to find Seaweed? And after all of my searching, can you believe that I found it at Walmart of all places??! Of course Elijah loved it and Noah hated it. That it how it goes in the Freeman house. We have to plan dinners around the boys - what Noah will eat one night, what Eli will eat the next night...they are soooo opposite.

Elijah approves!! Yum Yum

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