Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Baby Girl

My McKinley Girl is officially 10!!! Turned 10 October 14th. I have been really thinking about how much I adore my baby girl the past few weeks and can't stand the thought of her getting old. I remember when she was a puppy, still, just as clumsy as ever, hehe. I got her when I lived in Boone, still single, with plans to move to Colorado! She used to hike with me all the time along the Blue Ridge Parkway, she went to work with me at the group homes I worked in, and she laid underneath the counter at the ski resort I was a binding technician for. She has been by my side from day one. Then I met Paul, we married, and then we brought Boda into our family. Since then so many changes have occurred, poor little girl. She has stuck by my side through them all even though she is not a big fan of having to be put second most of the time.

Although a little neurotic most of her life, she is such a sweet soul and just loves her family. I love my baby girl!!

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