Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Halloween

Oh how holidays are so much more fun when you have children!!! Elijah has been asking about Halloween for 4 weeks now. We have had so much fun decorating, wearing different costumes every day, etc... Even though it rained while we were trick or treating, the boys didn't care. Noah was amazed that he could go knock on people's front door and they would give him a candy bar! I don't know how many times he said 'Thank you' from utter excitement, but he would say it over and over again because he was so excited about this new trick he had learned. He tried to eat every piece before we even left their front steps.

Noah was suppose to be Batman. We got him a batman costume because he wanted to be batman so badly. Sooooo, once we tried to put it on, he was terrified. We tried for 3 weeks, he pouted every time and said 'no'. For some reason he is scared of dressing up, I think he hates the masks and hats. We had given up and decided that Noah would be going as 'Noah'. But lo and behold...Halloween DAY, my hubby asked Noah if he wanted to put on some warm snuggly jammies (talking about Elijah's old lion costume) and Noah said 'YES'. He was so excited and he didn't take it off until bedtime. YAY! So we had a lion and Raphael the Ninja Turtle. Of course Lion didn't like having his picture taken for some reason.

And Yes people, that is a Halo pumpkin in the first picture. Can you guess which 'carving team' was in charge of carving that one??

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