Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Oh my big boy! What a great day today was. Beautiful weather!! I had an amazing day with my boys, we just had so much fun together. Elijah got in the car today just beaming. He then pulled out a card (pictured above) that said that he got the 'Musician of the Day Award' in music class!! What he said to me...
"When I was in music class, it was over. And in front of everyone, Miss Lori said 'ok, the musician of the day award goes to a little boy in blue jeans, with a batman shirt on, with a long sleeve shirt under it'!! I said oh, oh, me, me!!! And I stood up and got my reward, and said THANKYOU. Mommy, now I get to be her helper tomorrow!"
The excitement on his face just made me melt, I was so proud of him. I think his class takes music with another class meaning there are about 30 kids in there. So he was just beaming and so proud of himself. Tomorrow should be fun =) He just loves school.
And to top it all off, my sister in law, Markana, found out that she was in remission today!!!!!

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