Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello Disney! Here we come!!

We are so very excited! We have just reserved our place to stay for our DISNEY TRIP to celebrate Elijah’s 5th birthday! Our first trip to Disney =)  and I have never been.  I  think I am more excited than anyone else in our family.

Of course we wanted to stay in the resort just because it would just be fun, but after crunching the numbers the prices are absolutely ridiculous for what you get!!! I am amazed at what they charge. Sooooo, we found an amazing place with a lot of room (which is very important with 2 boys).  A hotel room would not cut it.

We got a great deal – we will be staying in a town home in Regal Palms Resort. Do you think my boys will be worn out after this???


The 2.5 acre pool has heated pools, a lazy river,  slides, and fun stuff!! =)


Exterior Exterior

Only 10 minutes from most of the parks. We travel in March and cannot wait!! If any of you have taken kids under 5 before, we would love some advice on where to take them (what parks are the most toddler friendly, dinner with Mickey, etc…) We need all the info we can get.

Of course we will have to go outside of Disney one day to Gatorland….both boys need to wrestle a gator!!