Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please be thinking of and praying for….

Just found out that a camper of ours was in a very bad car accident yesterday. Mackenzie Hallmark is a very precious young woman. She was my camper back in the day at Camp Sparrowwood when she was 11 years old. She has been a part of our lives and our camping adventures for 10 years now, she is now 21! I can not believe it. Mackenzie was actually the drive that started Camp Caglewood in the first place. I wanted to take her camping before I headed out to school in Colorado, and voila!!! Caglewood was born. With a lot more detail of course, but won’t go into that.

NOC 09 008

Yesterday, the vehicle she was riding in was hit by a drunk driver. Mackenzie was hurt very badly and is in the ICU in critical condition. Her injuries include a broken pelvis, broken femur, broken arm, and broken collar bone. Not yet sure of any other injuries. They need prayers desperately throughout this holiday season and for the years to come. Mackenzie has many anxieties, one of which was riding in a car but she faced that fear every single day or else she couldn’t participate in the activities she enjoyed the most. Now that this has happened, she has a long road ahead of her not only physically recovering, but mentally recovering as well.


  1. Praying for Mackenzie- for peace and total healing. I remember meeting her at Eli's shower. What a sweet girl!
    Love you!!

  2. I will pray for Mackenzie and the phsysical and emotional strength that she will need to heal from this! What was that horrible woman thinking?!?!?... she wasn't.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas