Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crafty Tot Tuesday

Today’s craft is a Butterfly Footprint craft!! Yay! Can you tell that I am itching for a little girl? =) For those of you that know me well,  know that I absolutely love butterflies and always have. Yes, if I have a daughter someday her room will be full of them and this craft will probably be made year after year so that i can document her growing feet.  But, today I have to experiment on Noah – and I am sure he could care less about having a butterfly on his Batman/Buzzlightyear wall. But oh-well!

To start with, I gathered together a brown piece of paper (although any paper will do), a trash bag to protect the floor, washable paint, paper plate, and a wet paper towel to wipe his feet after the ‘stamp’.

IMG_9211 - Copy

I then poured green paint on the plate and stamped one foot at a time. Make sure you stamp them together and leave enough space in between for the body.


And voila!!! A lovely butterly…made out of ‘boy-friendly colors’!


And since we are on the crafty subject, here are the latest earrings being posted to my site this week. I just LOVE them! Have a GREAT week!


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  1. That is probably my FAVORITE picture of Noah. So Super Stinking Cute... Sean might just have to get over it an realize that I plan for Noah and Ella to get married one day. Lol.