Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crafty Tot Tuesday…..or Thursday =)

    Ha!!!! My schedule has been soooo off this week because of MLK day. BUT, Noah and I did do a craft on Tuesday, which felt like Monday, I downloaded pictures on Wednesday, and I am posting on Thursday – which really feels like Wednesday. Confused yet?

My second crafty Tuesday and I have already posted late =( oh well. We didn’t do a huge craft, just a little fun with body tracing. I did this with Eli when he was two, so I had to try it with Noah. I had him lie/lay on a large sheet of paper, I traced his body, and then let him color. He had so much fun seeing his body from an angle other than a mirror, and it was a great learning tool when trying to place eyes, nose, and mouth correctly (ended up on the chin but that’s ok).


Noah’s is hard to see =( booo – but the brown is the one made by Elijah 2 years ago and Noah’s is white.




  1. How are all of your ideas perfect?!?

  2. soo going to do this w fia... thanks for sharing!!

  3. looks like Noah has more of your artists streak to him...he really got into the coloring!