Friday, February 19, 2010

I Just Love….

Days that just scream ‘what a GREAT day!’  Of course, all of my days are wonderful because I have been blessed with being healthy, beautiful and healthy boys, an amazing husband and friends, a wonderful home that keeps me warm and dry, and I live in the best country in the world. What else could I ask for?? NOTHING!!! And that is not what this post is about.

Tonight we went to karate…and lo’ and behold, Elijah graduated to advanced orange!! Yippeee!!  We did not know it was time for him to graduate because graduation was last weekend. But his instructor surprised us! Eli was so giddy and had a GREAT class (which is not always the case) We were leaving and he said “Mommy, I am one step closer to my black belt!!!”

photo (49)

To celebrate, we went to Sonic for dinner. We have only been there once before….last August. The same waitress that we had then was our waitress tonight. She remembered Elijah and gave the boys 2 FREE icecreams because she enjoys his company so much (he gives her a lot of compliments, especially about her skates, and she just eats it up!!)

We then went to Hobby Lobby for a last minute errand. 20 minutes away from our house and Elijah saw his best friend, Samuel in the isle next to us (he could actually hear him talking). This is very funny because they live 20 minutes away from there, too. Hobby Lobby on a Friday night?? What are the odds?  They went CRAZY and had a little party in Hobby Lobby for about 30 minutes. I finally got to meet his mother and grandmother.

What could be better??!!! A great evening…and beautiful weather to go with it!!!! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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