Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catch-Up Tuesday

Not ‘crafty tot-tuesday’ today =( We are just crazy, crazy trying to recover from the weekend, getting our week started, getting all furry members back in one place, and trying to get prepared for the camping trip this weekend. Sorry Noah…no crafty time for you!

1- What a wonderful Valentine weekend in the North Georgia Mountains with my entire family (mom and dad, Brother’s family, sister’s family, and us four). Crazy, Snowy, emotional, tiring, fun, relaxing, wild, did I say crazy?? Of course it had to end early because of snow, but it was still a great weekend. IMG_9352 IMG_9348

To all of my family, I am putting what pictures I have on the www.ourlittlestinker.com site today if you would like to check them out.

2- Walt Disney World is ONLY 3 weeks away for the Freemans!!! Oh my goodness…I don’t even know where to begin with the planning. We have a place to stay and the dogs have a place to vacation (thanks Mom and Dad =) so I guess that is all that matters right?? A friend of mine has given me some great websites to go to for helpful planning information…it is time to begin the research and start the schedule. Happy 5th birthday Elijah!!! Can’t wait…

3- First Caglewood Camping Trip of 2010 is this weekend!!! We will be staying in a cabin on Lake Lanier and heading to the Georgia Aquarium for all of the day Saturday. The little boys and I will be joining the group downtown on Saturday so I am so very excited! I will definitely post pictures this weekend. Elijah’s favorite camper and friend, Michael is going this weekend. Michael is a teenager and also obsessed with Star Wars. He ‘knows his stuff’ and loves to run around and play just like Elijah, so Elijah is just beside himself now that he knows that Michael is going to be there. 7 campers and 4 counselors – Big group…fun times ahead!!

4- Just had my first workout of the year (trying to get ready for Disney) Holy Moly!!! I am sooo out of shape but it felt so good. Hard to believe that I used to do this for 3 or more hours every day in my younger years.  Thanks to  Michael Jackson and  Billie Jean, One night in Bangkok, and Hey Mickey your so fine I was pumped up and got through it just fine!! Amazing how great music can truly change your mood and determination. Especially when I pretended it was saying ‘Hey JJ your so fine’! Woohoo, go treadmill! I will be sore tomorrow… =(

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