Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Royal Crafty Tot-Tuesday

Today for our Tuesday Tot Craft we made fun and easy homemade crowns. Not the normal ‘cutting out paper and wrapping it around your head’ crowns. But these are very sticky, toddler friendly crowns.

What you need:

Cut up construction paper in strips, glitter, and clear packing tape. Of course, you can use anything you would like to make the crown ‘pretty’ – I just chose things that we had in our craft closet and that were boy friendly.


Put strips of packing tape, sticky side up, on a table for your little ones to decorate.


Let your little ones decorate away. Help may be needed to make sure the tape does not stick to their little hands. Noah had a great time working on his colors during this project. I would ask him to put an orange strip on, and he would do so, a blue one, and so on. He did well with his little colors =)  And then glitter away!!!! Fun, Fun.

IMG_9300 IMG_9304IMG_9301IMG_9305  

After they are finished with the decorating, put another piece of tape sticky side down on top on of all of the decorations. This will close off all the stickiness. Then tape the two ends together and there is your cute and shiny crown! Elijah was the ‘X-King’. You can also make bracelets, necklaces, little rings, etc…

IMG_9306  IMG_9314 IMG_9316

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