Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crafty Tot Tuesday and Terrific Tommy

Finally, back to our Tuesday crafts =). Of course, we had to do a traditional craft today, Egg Dying!! Fun, easy, messy… fun and messy, hehe. The boys were too cute and they had so much fun. We put rubber bands on them to make the little lines.

Eli our ‘Egghead’…

IMG_9764 IMG_9768   IMG_9760 IMG_9765IMG_9772

Just a little addition to my post. We love our new neighborhood and our boys just love our neighbor Tommy!! Tommy is 12 years old and is such a loving soul. He is so sweet with my boys and plays with them until he is ready to fall over. Whenever my boys see someone outside of his house they immediately say “Can Tommy come out??!!!” And of course, he always comes out with a toy and they just play away. Thank you Tommy for being so lovely =) We are blessed to have such great neighbors!

Our Sunday:

IMG_9759 IMG_9757

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