Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Sweet Boy

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Turning FIVE today, April 1st, 2010!! I cannot believe that 5 years ago today, I was in the hospital holding such a sweet, precious baby boy. I was terrified, still in horrible pain from my surgery, but so very excited. Parenthood….it was paralyzing….today, 5 years ago, is the day I became a Mommy. It is the day that I became a selfless person, had a strong purpose, we became a true family, and… I became a germaphobe =) hehe.  I had an overwhelming urge to keep him safe…safe from everything that I could control, germs being one of those things. My life was no longer all about me and my wonderful husband. My entire being was given to my precious boy on this day. I fell in love…and for five years, I have yet to fall out. As I sit here looking through his pictures, I realize how much of a better person I am because of this precious little boy. He is my world, he is my reason for living…I do not remember what life was like without him. Had to be dull =) because he keeps me laughing every hour of every day.

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I have learned a lot about myself the past 5 years. I have become a person I never knew I had the ability to become.

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My sweet boy will always be my precious little angel. No matter how big he is or how far away he is from me (God Forbid) I will never cease to love him and NEED his love in return. He is my firstborn….The first child that taught me how much I could love unconditionally. He holds such a special place in my heart.

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He taught me how much I could really laugh every single day….he never let's me down in that department, hehe.

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Elijah Jordan Freeman….born 5 years ago today!!! What a blessing this world has gained!! I am excited to see what he brings to our world for the next 90 years.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Eli!!! We love you!
    Uncle Pish, Auntie M and Stella