Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gatorland Baby!!! …and video =)

The rest of our vacation was marvelous.  We saw such an amazing ‘light show parade’ Saturday at 10pm in Magic Kingdom and it was such a wonderful send off to a wonderful vacation.
Sunday morning we woke up early, packed the car, and headed over to gatorland before our long trek home. We have been there before (when Eli was 2), but they have grown so much since we were there last. So beautiful. They have a lot of rescued gators along with other wildlife and it truly is a fun and educational place. I highly recommend it if any of you are ever near Orlando. We learned a lot and had a great time in the petting zoo, the swamp, the train ride, and wrestling our own gator of course!! =) See the video below of Elijah and his 5 minutes of fame!!!
Many cute and funny signs around the conservancy:
DSCN0733 DSCN0734  IMG_9607DSCN0736  IMG_9604 DSCN0730
Beautiful wildlife:  The gator below is a leucistic gator, not albino, and is extremely rare. Only 12 known in existence and Gatorland has 4 of them. They will not survive in the wild because their color makes them stand out saying “come eat me!!”. They are also extremely violent with other living things so they would kill each other if ever gotten the chance. So they are safe and beautiful, their eyes are amazing!
IMG_9634   GatorEYES_blue eyes
Here was the FUN part!! We went to the gator wrestling show and Elijah was picked out of the audience to help the man choose what gator he was going to use for his ‘educational segment’. He was too funny and was ready to wrestle…just watch!
People saw him around the park after the show and said “Look, there is Eli!! He is so brave…” And he would just cackle.
IMG_9725 IMG_9704 IMG_9719
Now we are home, trying to get back into the swing of things and trying to warm up to this time change…ugghhh. Thank you Mom and Dad for taking care of our furries =) they are recovering, too. 1 1/2 acres to run, they are pooped!

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