Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crafty Tot Thursday

Toddler Bowling was our project for today!!!! The boys had so much fun and such an easy project.


  • spoons
  • sand or water
  • bottles – we used some that were in our recycling bin
  • ball heavy enough to knock them over

photo (64)

The boys filled the bottles with just a couple of inches of sand. This was a great exercise for working on hand eye coordination. 

photo (63)

We then set up the bottles far enough apart so that they would fall over but close enough to be knocked down by another bottle. The boys had so much fun and this was great at helping them with their aim. Noah ended up playing with this for over an hour – he was too cute.

photo (61) photo (62)  

With older kids you could use food coloring and water to make the game more interesting. Maybe different colors in different rows and each color could be worth different points. They would work on math skills while adding up all the points and having fun at the same time. Elijah kept score for Noah so he was able to work on writing his numbers and addition while having fun with sidewalk chalk!!

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  1. this is wonderful Jess!! Love it! Looks like they both had a wonderful time. Keep em comin!! :o)