Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Migraine Talk...

As a migraine sufferer now for 15 years, I am constantly looking for new treatments, ideas, triggers, you name it. New information is always good. From the news, Doctors, but most of all from other migraine sufferers. It is almost like a informal support group and it is nice to talk to someone that has gone through and is going through what you have experienced. I always learn something new to try.
For years I have been on and off inderal (when I wasn't pregnant or breast feeding) which is a blood pressure medicine that controls the contracting of blood vessels which is the root cause of migraines. But when I am not on the medication for whatever reason, I have migraines almost every single day. Therefore, I have to take Imitrex (migraine meds) every single day which is not something I want to do. Especially since each pill is $20 when you don't have insurance. Thankfully we have great insurance this year.

1) About a month ago my body was back to the usual migraine every single day and I finally just gave up with Doctor visits and consults and moved on to my #1 dr. which is Dr. Google on my computer =) It felt like it was some sort of imbalance, I was always tired, it would start as the day went on, I just didn't feel 'right'.  I have done a lot of research throughout the years but I was now looking for something completely natural and holistic again. My last attempt and findings didn't work. This time I found that many migraine sufferers have a Magnesium deficiency - about 50% of them!!! So Magnesium supplements (which are not harmful) and a B Complex vitamin with folic acid have helped many. Off to the store I went....Kroger had a buy one get one free sale so I loaded up and started my vitamin intake. Within hours I was feeling better!!!!!! It has now been 2 1/2 weeks and I have had 1 migraine which I think is phenominal. I hope it keeps working because if this is my answer, I am absolutely floored and will be so extremely thankful. I can't stand the prescription drugs, but the headaches make my life stand still and I can't stand still with 2 young boys.

2) I was at a Dr. visit yesterday and one of the nurses has suffered from migraines for 30 years (poor thing!). She has been to an allergist and gave me a tip. Fruits and Veggies with thin skin have a large amount of natural formaldehyde (or methanol that converts) in them. But since they are thin skinned, the formaldehyde is able to seep into the fruit and veggie part and that is actually a trigger of migraines. Carrots, apples, grapes, tomatoes, pears, onions, etc... She said that one way to make it safer is to boil your veggies. She also has a strong odor sensitivity which most of us sufferers do. She always carries peppermint oil in her scrubs pocket. When she is around a patient with perfume or out in public around a lot of 'smell good' which is what Paul calls it, she rubs a bit of peppermint oil around her nostrils and it blocks the smell coming from her surroundings. So easy...

Hopes this helps some of you migraine suffers. I would like to start doing posts on this every once in a while to help those of you who suffer and would LOVE pointers from you, too.


  1. Another couple of tips - wear dark sunglasses when in bright lights/sunlight ti minimize the "flashing" effect which can trigger a migraine. In addition to helping stop a migraine, it also helps stop the development of macular degeneration of the eyes, which lead to blindness.
    Regular massage to head and shoulders relieves the tension that can lead to contraction of the blood vessels which causes a migraine.

  2. Jess, you have been doing the same thing I have been doing for the past 6 months. I don't take migraine meds because I do the trial and error approach to preventing them rather than spending money on pills that do nothing to address the triggers. This is what I have found to work for me and cut my migraines down to one per month:

    -400mg Magnesium high potency softgels

    -One A Day Energy Vitamins (contains caffeine, which I have to get in the morning, or I will have a migraine later in the day)

    -Cooking veggies bought at local farmers markets in the pressure cooker.

    -Throwing away all drinks and food with artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Phenylananine. I drank a Fresca every day or two for a month and was getting horrible migraines and didn't know why. I read the label, saw it contained Phenylanine, did research and found it could cause migraines. I stopped drinking it, and the migraines were gone.

    -Getting rid of fluorescent lighting by using lamps and stocking up with incandescent lights before they are banned.