Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Freeman Catch-up

Well hey there everybody!! Goodness, it seems like forever since I have blogged. Not that I haven’t wanted to, but any free moment I get these days (which isn’t much) I HAVE to nap. I don’t remember being this tired during the pregnancies of my first two. I think having to keep up with 2 little boys is definitely the culprit. I am also sleeping horribly at night – 2 hours here, and hour there…I remember that happening in the last 2 months of my other pregnancies, not in the first two!!! But all is very well – baby seems healthy! I have heard the heartbeat and it is right at 140 which is where the boys were, too. I have now had 3 ultrasounds, which is unreal to me, and will have many more =) now that I have a new Dr. Yiiipppeee!!!

Here is the latest of our little blossom. Not much to see, but fun to look at especially to see the growth over the next 8 months :



My little karate kid broke his first REAL wooden board tonight with his foot!!! I was sooooo impressed…as he was, too. He just stood there after he did it and stared at his instructor. Not sure if he was trying to decide if it hurt horribly or if it was horribly cool!! The coolness won and soon after he gave his instructor ‘knuckles’ and then blew it up. If you are not sure what I am talking about, just ask him to demonstrate next time you see him. Yes…he is super coolness…


The CBS interview went well. Thank you Mom for going with me!! It was stressful and I was soooooo nervous – so much more than I should have been. The interview lasted what?? 3 minutes!! But I get that way when I have to speak in front of ppl – I have been that way since after college, before that, I LOVED speaking to large crowds. Not sure what happened, but all is good. If you haven’t seen the interview you can check it out here:

Make sure you note my country accent! Is it really that bad ALL the time?? =)

photo (73)

We ended our night tonight making homemade popcorn with the old fashioned popcorn maker from Eba, thanks Eba!

And no….Noah is not naked sitting on the counter. He is in his super hero attire, underoos…and nothing else. Yes, he is a super hero. “I’m a suuuperr heeeeeroooo”

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  1. Congrats on the new little one!!

    You did wonderful in the interview. I do always here the southern accent in people from growing up more than I ever realized we had (so I am sure I sound super southern too). How fun to be on TV for such a great cause!

    We really need to get together again soon...I am in Atlanta all the time (weeknights only though).