Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun Times…

The Freeman household has been crazy lately, when is it not? =) I hate that I haven’t been able to do Crafty Tuesday – hopefully I can make tomorrow Crafty Thursday, woohooo. A lot has been going on lately but the most important is that my baby boy turns 3 in a week and a half – August 1st will be here SOON!! He is so excited and he has decided that he wants to go camping for his birthday and have an Iron Man cake – those are the only 2 things he cares about. Easy to please….can’t wait.

Finally, I got to see my sister this past week. We haven’t seen each other in what seems like forever!! They were able to come over for some play time, lunch, and we hiked down to the creek/rock slide in the green space behind our property. Such fun, I love you Eba! Check out cutie patootie, Charlie, below enjoying the water…who also has a birthday coming up in 4 weeks. I can’t believe  he is going to be 1 !!!

 photo 2


A week of 1st’s here at the Freeman house:

  • I laid sod, alone, in our yard this past week. Went to pick it up, loaded, unloaded, etc…all by my pregnant self =) I was proud, but paid for it the day after, boooooo!!!
  • I have never been in an accident, NEVER! And I have only received one speeding ticket in my life – for this, I am proud. Today was a rough day at the Freeman household with the Freeman boys and mommy was on a short fuse as we left our driveway this evening. I wasn’t paying attention, took off, and lo and behold – ran my mirror straight down the side of Paul’s truck. Can you believe this??????? My little yellow car, not a scratch and look at what I did to Paul’s!!!!! I was fuming!!! Paul thought it was hilarious, thank goodness. Eli thinks that daddy’s car is now super cool since it has a racing stripe. Hopefully tomorrow will be more peaceful around this crazy zoo….





Our yard expansion is coming along slowly but surely, yipeee!!!!!


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  2. Paul is the most amazing husband - ever - and the yard looks fantastic. Too funny that you hit his truck! If that is your worst wreck - you are far better than most!

  3. Slow down woman! You should be inside with your feet up and a glass of lemonade..... (ha! like that will ever happen with 2 little boys running around!)

    I helped Chip lay sod once. He still gets a big kick out of that!

    Love you guys!

  4. I just want to know who was taking the pictures of you laying sod "all by yourself".