Friday, August 6, 2010

And We’re Off…


…and that is just half of the gear –

Caglewood is off for our Rafting Trip of 2010 down the Nantahala River in North Carolina!!! Let our fun weekend begin!! Our campers love the extremeness of this trip, as do our counselors.

I am so very happy to get our house back, our garage back after 2 weekends of camping and a LOT of gear, packing and unpacking, I need things to slow down. These trips wear me out a lot more these days than they used to before I was pregnant and had kids. A lot of planning, a lot of conversing with parents, a lot of reservations, a lot of shopping, a lot of lists, and a lot more than that =) Of course I love every minute of it, but it is very tiring.

To celebrate no more planning and craziness for a few days, the boys and I took off tonight to our most favorite tree in Flowery Branch and ran for a solid HOUR. I was worn out just watching them from the little ‘mama bench’ -  but was able to snap a few photos with my phone.

Some tree lovin’…

photo 4 

and some hopscotch playin’…

photo 2

and super hero runnin’….

photo 3

trying to stop and smell the roses…

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