Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crafty Tot Tuesday

Ok – so I had a completely different craft on the schedule for today but somehow my sweet little boys talked me into going ahead and getting a little crazy and messy. So we broke out the shaving cream instead and did just that!!

This is one of the crafts I sent along on the camping trip for our special friends this weekend, it is great for texture play and they loved it. So did my boys!

Shaving cream, that is all it is. For the younger ones, whipped cream can be used if you are worried about it making it in the mouth, but I am guessing that it would be a lot stickier. You can also add food coloring which is super fun and allow them to mix different colors to experiment with color change, etc…

 IMG_1232 IMG_1235 IMG_1237

and what would a good shaving cream day be without a lovely shower in the sprinkler?…

IMG_1240 IMG_1241

IMG_1248 IMG_1242 - Copy

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