Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Freeman

Today I had my 20 week check-up – even though I am 21 weeks and counting.

And tonight the boys named their new sibling….the name is……

“Star Wars!!”  Does that surprise any of you? Should be an interesting life for the new little one. We were sitting at the dinner table and Noah was just talking on and on about how he was going to feed the baby cake when he/she is hungry, how he is going to get mommy diapers when needed, and so on. Elijah said that when the baby spits up, he will be the first to get a towel for mommy – and that mommy’s boys will be sure to take care of her and the new baby. Their eyes were just lighting up talking about it, their excitement just gleaming through – Elijah melted my heart when he spoke of taking care of me. I can’t wait to grow old having sons taking care of me – they will always be my babies and in my olden days, I will never have to worry about protection =)


Today’s appointment went fairly well. Baby looks super healthy and guess what we are having?????!!!!!!!! Haha – fooled ya – we won’t know until Birth Day =)  But sweet little one was constantly squished up against the placenta today and would not show his/her face – this is the best picture the Dr. could get – can you see the face and the little arm above?

Below is a photo of the spine and little leg in the bottom right. Super crazy looking.


I am having some problems with contractions and will have to be watched closely for pre-term labor along with the help of contraction stopping medications – but hopefully if I can keep my feet up, calm down a bit, no more laying sod =), and many messages…wait, sorry, I added that last one in hopes of it coming true…anyway, as much as I wanted a New Years Day baby ~ I am preparing myself for a Christmas Eve miracle, or even Thanksgiving miracle.

Good excuse to shop super early for Christmas!!! I wonder if next week is too early?! =) I LOVE the Holidays…


  1. Oh my goodness!! I can't wait to hold that little squishy Star Wars angel. SLOW DOWN and take care of yourself....or let Eli do it.:)
    Love you,

  2. Love you, J! Can't wait to meet the new Freeman!

    Jordans III

  3. I'm with Eba. Get Eli started right away. And Noah, bring me some cake!