Friday, October 29, 2010

Keep us in your...

Thoughts..I think? Prayers? Please pray for the Freemans? All of the above!

bike 3

Yep...a motorcycle has joined the Freeman Family.

 bike 1 bike 2

I am still second guessing my decision - but I think I always will. Paul actually bought this bike from a childhood friend of mine, Mike Renzi, so a lot of questions were answered, fears calmed, and we trust where the bike came from. Does that make it any easier you say??....ummm....not really....hehe. 

We need a new car since our family is growing - saving on gas is something that is a huge need! A large truck - 16 miles to the gallon - driving 60  miles a day = not a small $$ number!

We will see!!! Training classes are in the bag - now we practice, practice, and practice MORE.

Meanwhile - Paul is in heaven. He has been wanting this for years =)


  1. Slade says- "WHAT?!?" I'm thinking he's a little jealous. BE CAREFUL!
    Love you guys,

  2. 2 questions -
    1. Where do you fit the "car" seats?
    2. WHERE IS HIS HELMET???????

    and one comment - you are nuts!!!

    Love, scaredy mom