Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet Dreams and Milestones…

Ok… ready??….

photo photo1

Elijah is READING!! Ahhh!! He and I sat down tonight for our ‘bed time story time’ with a handful of books. His little brother is feeling under the weather, so we were able to read just the two of us. We don’t normally get to do this alone – so mommy took advantage of the time and read slowly, sounding out words, etc…

Within minutes, he started sounding out the words and then told me to be quiet!!! So I just let him go – and away he went!! We worked on books with small words and books with bigger words and he had such a blast. Here is a video of him reading his favorite one from tonight.


Oh what fun the future holds!! I am so proud of my big boy….

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  1. Eli looks cool. Thanks for the update. Love your posts...