Monday, October 11, 2010

“Money ain’t got no soul…

…Money ain’t got no heart”

Yes, cute little song from ‘Princess and the Frog’ – which is what we have been watching a good bit of here in the Freeman Household lately….yes, a household full of boys…go figure… But hey, Mama is not complainin’ because it is such a cute movie and it has the word ‘Princess’ in it – something girly, I’ll take it! Even though most of the movie is not too girly.


Since we seem to watch this movie a little too often lately, I have been picking up on little music lines and the line at the beginning of this post is a sweet little song that always gets me dancin’. But even more so…in my stage of ‘nesting’ and becoming a cozy homemaker during this part of pregnancy, I have been devouring the little alone moments I have with my babies that I love OH SO MUCH!!!  The moments that are OUR moments, the ones you can never get back, the ones you can never buy – the ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

We have so much to do, so much to finish, but the list never gets shorter – so I am sloooooowly accepting that I cannot always do everything!! Thanks to my Dr. that is constantly demanding me to ‘chill the #%*@ out’ and just sit down and rest -  By accepting this, I have been able to sit back more than I normally do and drink in those special moments that have absolutely NOTHING to do with chores, the camp, something someone else needs, or money!!!!

Money ain’t got no soul baby……But my sweet babies DO!! And I plan to fill my soul with all the special moments spent with theirs. I wouldn’t trade these little moments for the world.

So I scooped my babies up a few days ago and headed out to the park for some desperately needed ‘unplanned fun’ – and oh what fun we had!! We could have stayed for days – the autumn air is here =)





We went hide and seekin’ -



Elijah found Noah… who is not too good at secrets (remember??) He said “Eli…I am going to hide over here!!”



And some super fun frizbee throwin’  -




And in the end…we all snuggled together and watched the sun set…yes, all FOUR of us – not including Paul…

Ladies and Gentlemen…The FREE-AMIGOS in their first picture together:

IMG_1593 - Copy


  1. What another wonderfully sweet and inspiring blog! I just Love how you write and all your precious stories. You are such a beautiful person inside and out! Much Love~COurtney