Monday, November 15, 2010

Caglewood Introduces....

Elijah Jr. and Salad...


Yes, I said 'Salad' - that is the name Noah chose for his cabbage patch kid - pretty crafty huh?!? Caglewood visited Brasstown Bald and the new BabyLand General on our last trip and the Freeman boys (along with Mommy) were able to join in on the fun! Now that the boys are in our lives, my physical involvement in Caglewood is lacking - I do all of the behind the scenes stuff but I am not able to be around the campers as much as I long to be. So these 'close to home' trips are wonderful because we are able to tag along for some much needed Caglewood time!!

Of course, the boys loved hanging out with the campers (which is their highlight of every trip) but they were also able to bring home their 'getting ready for a new baby' babies. Now they can practice helping mommy like good big brothers =)

Elijah Jr:






It was a very COLD weekend in the N. GA. mountains - so cold that our group experienced snow on top of Brasstown Bald. But no biggie, everyone went back to the cabin for a warm thanksgiving feast of Lasagna and garlic bread, making turkeys, and reading Thanksgiving stories. Fun filled weekend!

IMG_1748 - Copy  IMG_1737


Terrible Picture! But the boys just love some 'Stephen time' !!


Disney is next!!! Caglewood at Disney in December!! Watch out Cinderella...things are about to get CRAZY!

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