Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ever Wonder???

What it is like raising boys? Especially Freeman boys?

For those of you that raise only girls (which is pretty much every family member and friend that I, I suddenly feel shockingly alone...hehe) and have ever wondered..."What would it be like if I had boys?" you go - here is your answer! Time changed this morning - boys were up and at 'em at 5 AM!!! I purposefully put them to bed at 10pm last night to avoid this. Did it work? Nope -

Up at 5 - Doing this by 7 AM !!!


And no, this is not a 1 time thing - once we have our breakfast, this is our day from 7am on....every day! Have we had any broken bones yet you say?? No, thank goodness - only TWO handfuls of ER visits so far...but no biggie. But believe me, I am waiting - I always know where the car keys and insurance cards are....even at 5am.

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